2013 Airstream Land Yacht Exterior
Exterior view of passenger side of 2012 Navion 24M


Jay Leno’s Garage Features Airstream

Jay shows off the new 28' Airstream Land Yacht that will retail for around $130,000. Bob … [More...]

Life in the RV Lane

Camping in the Eye of Beholder

CNN looks at the contrasting styles of camping, from tents to RVs, and even dips into the question of what is true camping. Regardless of your preference, there are plenty of people getting back to nature. Some 42.5 million Americans went camping in 2011, according to a U.S. camping … [Read More...]

RV comeback drives hiring increase

An upbeat article from NBC on the rebounding RV market. Not to pre-recession levels, but very encouraging overall. In Elkhart Indiana county, where a majority of RVs are built, unemployment was a staggering 20.9 percent in March 2009, compared to the nationwide unemployment of 8.7 percent. As … [Read More...]

Warning Campers of Carbon Monoxide Dangers

A report that the Tennessee Fire Marshal wants campers and RVers to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) got me thinking about the CO detector in the Winnebago View/Navion. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, and according to the article, is “created when fuels (such as kerosene, … [Read More...]

Indoor RV Park

Interesting concept of an indoor RV “park” that might be the first of it’s kind. Some enterprising business men in the construction industry saw an opportunity in the housing shortage due to South Dakota’s oil boom. They noticed thousands of RV’s coping with the harsh elements in the open that were … [Read More...]

Upcoming Free Spirit SS is Class B Sprinter Van Slideout

Looking forward to seeing the upcoming 2013 Leisure Travel Van Free Spirit SS, a Class B RV with a slideout, based on the fuel efficient diesel MercedesBenz Sprinter van. The pictures and video show an incredible amount of storage, an actual real bathroom, and beautiful high-end cabinetry and decor. … [Read More...]

Yosemite Hantavirus Death

UPDATE: 8/29/12 Read more about the concerns of multiple cases clustered together. UPDATED 8/28/12 A second person has died of the hantavirus disease after visiting Yosemite National Park in June. There is one other confirmed illness, and a forth potential illness is being investigated. … [Read More...]