2012 Roadtrek N6 Active for Families On The Go

The N6 Active is a new concept vehicle from RoadTrek that blurs the lines between SUVs, RVs and minivans built on the Nissan NV 2500 series van, which is based on the Titan full size pickup. Getting around 18 MPG, the Active N6 is ideal for carrying passengers who like to explore in comfort and style.


The Roadtrek N6 Active tows up to 9,000lbs. Keep in mind this is the maximum capacity that while it includes a driver, does not account for fuel and other cargo. So this towing weight would be reduced by weight of optional equipment, fluids, cargo, and other passengers. That said, it’s still a powerful towing vehicle making it an outstanding choice for pulling a travel trailer or a boat. Take a look at TrailerLife’s towing guides for other towing choices and detailed helpful information.


It seats up to seven: two Captain’s Chairs in the front cab, two more Captain’s Chairs in the middle second row, and then two adults or three kids in the rear bench that contains three seatbelts. This is comparable to the large SUVs and minivans.

When parked, the Captain’s Chairs can swivel around to face the seats behind and a table top on a pedestal placed between the four seats. So I suppose eating a snack, playing a game, or perhaps conducting a meeting is an option, especially if the weather is nasty outside. This sounds like a very cool feature, but I’m curious to know just how many will actually use this. You’d have to have a pretty clear understanding of your family or circumstances to know if this will be truly useful.


The roof pops up to accommodate standing, and for access to a double bed for two adults or two kids. According to the tag on the upper mattress pad that I saw, the maximum load is 250 pounds. Additionally the rear bench seat folds down to a slightly narrower double bed that also sleeps two. A fifth spot uses an optional folding pad that is placed across the two front seats; this small spot is only 24” wide by 60” long and suitable for a child.

Tucked out of the way, yet convenient to access is a refrigerator that opens from the top. A small microwave is below this facing the foot area of the blank seats. A very small sink allows for quick hand washing or rising dishes. Propane and holding tanks?


RoadTrek outfits this vehicle with most everything except a bathroom. That’s a pretty big exception for anyone looking for an RV. Your own private toilet, everywhere, is one of the main reasons to get an RV. Also left out is a stove, however the microwave should be sufficient in most situations. If using this vehicle for camping and not pulling a trailer, then BBQ grills or Coleman Stoves are typically what campers would use and of course campgrounds provide bathrooms.

Running Water:

A small sink is located inside the middle of the unit at the edge of the rear seat. It is above the microwave so best keep an eye on young children using this. There is also a shower attachment inside the rear compartment that is convenient for getting sand off feet and shoes.

The fresh water that services the sink and shower is stored in a removable 5 gal water bottle so use sparingly. The grey water collects in a 5 gal tank and it is unclear how this is emptied. An on demand 12 volt water pump provides water flow, and a 110 volt water heater provides hot water.


The microwave oven runs on 110V and is 0.7 cubic feet and 700 watts. This size doesn’t take much space and shouldn’t required the higher watts for heating that larger microwaves require. Not sure that placement under a sink is the ideal location and I’m curious what others think of this.

Refrigerated Cooler:

This opens from the top and is located at the rear along the inside cupboard/counter area on the drivers side. It really functions closer to a cooler with the door opening up. Probably best to place items you want to reach while traveling closest to the front for better accessibility.


There are a variety of power supplies and mounting brackets to keep everyone quietly entertained using their own iPad or other tablet.
A detachable 110V power cord connects externally. A power inverter 12/110V is included. And two 6V AGM deep cycle auxiliary batteries are stored under the vehicle to provide 12V power when stopped.


This vehicle is primarily for families to use instead of a large SUV or other vans. Active families or groups can use this daily and with many more amenities than other vehicles. According to Roadtrek, financing interest is tax deductible because the N6 is defined as RV for second residency purposes. Check with your own tax advisor of course. Speaking of financing, the MSRP is $67,470 for the base model.

This is an ideal vehicle to consider for families who want to camp by using a travel trailer. Passengers ride comfortably and in the safety of a vehicle designed to carry adults and children while a trailer is towed behind. At camp the trailer can be unhooked and now the family has a perfect vehicle for exploring and day trips. Bring your choice of food and beverages while you’re out and eat when it’s convenient for you.

Roadtrek stepped out of the box on this one to provide a unique vehicle for families on the go who don’t want the standard minivan look. Here’s a dealer walkthrough of the vehicle:



Outstanding Questions

  • How does the 12V auto assist Air Conditioner / Heater in the rear work? Does this mean the A/C can work without the engine running? Or is this just another way of saying that the A/C ducts to the back like most cars and SUVs do?
  • How difficult is it to climb up to the overhead bed?
  • Will the microwave run off the 12V using the inverter even if not plugged in to 110V externally? Or does the engine need to be running in cases where you are not plugged in?
  • Where is the grey water tank and how does it get emptied and cleaned?

We would love to hear from current N6 owners on what their experiences are. The questions section will be updated as proper information is available.


  1. Carole Brannon says:

    Please tell us how the cool refrigerated unit works. All we know is that it has stayed hot. How do we activate it. Need to know. Thank you, Carole

    • April Ralston says:

      Sorry to hear of your troubles – have you contacted your dealer by phone or in person? If you need one close, here’s the service locator I found on Roadtrek’s site where you plug in your zipcode:

      Other contact for Roadtrek, so they can point you in the right direction:
      Phone: 519-745-1169
      Toll-free: 1-888-ROADTREK (762-3873)
      Email: service@roadtrek.com

      Best of luck and let us know how it resolves, and what your overall experience is like with the N6.