Indoor RV Park

Interesting concept of an indoor RV “park” that might be the first of it’s kind. Some enterprising business men in the construction industry saw an opportunity in the housing shortage due to South Dakota’s oil boom. They noticed thousands of RV’s coping with the harsh elements in the open that were providing temporary housing for oil workers from out-of-state. With their home state lacking construction project due to the slow economy and housing market, they went “all in” to design and build this RV park.

It will house 240 travel trailers and 5th wheels in what resembles a large storage facility complex. Full hookups are provided, and carbon monoxide monitors are in place so if a problem is detected, fresh air will be pumped into the units. There are 10 insulated buildings with 24 RVs in each. The buildings have 8 bays that house 3 RVs each. So it may feel more roomy than parking in a single garage, you will have 2 other neighbors in the bay.

Follow the link to a flash video interview of the project under construction. It gives a sense of what the final park will be like as well as the imagination and hard work that has gone into it.  The idea is that the environment is so harsh here for an RV, that this will protect it from the elements and provide a hassle-free place to live.

More than likely the workers living in this RV park are working so much that they really only need a quiet place to sleep and eat when not working. It will be interesting to watch how this plays out and what they learn from actual use. This might lead to other projects that can improve on the initial concept. Also, interesting is how long this will last and what the complex can be used for once it’s original use is no longer needed.

I’ve always thought that houses should have garages that are built for an RV to be able to park inside and offer temporary guest housing and so on – out of sight and out of the elements. Definitely include windows in the garage though, that’s really a must have.