Jay Leno’s Garage Features Airstream

Jay shows off the new 28′ Airstream Land Yacht that will retail for around $130,000. Bob Wheeler, CEO of Airstream, tells a bit of Airstream history and finally shows off the inside of the unit starting about 5 1/2 minutes into the video.

This is a luxury edition that hides the galley and appliances behind cabinets for a smooth contemporary look. The rear area of this model is, wait for it, a dinette that makes into a bed. There is also a full-time queen size bed in the front so it’s surprising that another floor plan providing a more comfortable living area, like a couch and comfy chairs, is not available. This unit sleeps up to five people, but it’s hard to imagine many families paying upwards of $130k to camp in this luxurious and iconic travel trailer.

During the video, Jay asks if this is intended to be pulled by a Ford 250 truck, but Bob states that they design mostly with the Ford 150 size trucks in mind.



Photos above are from Airstream’s website, and more information is available there.