Quick Look: 2010 Winnebago View Profile

The new Winnebago 2010 View Profile is a small RV that delivers big comfort on the road. Winnebago has built this Class C RV on the Sprinter chassis by Dodge/Mercedes-Benz. This small diesel RV packs a lot of power and yet provides good fuel economy at the same time. Expect to get anywhere from 14-18 […]

Fall Colors

Use your small RV to get away for the weekend and see the beautiful colors of Fall. If you’re not sure where the best colors are, go to The Weather Channel to find out. The flexibility of a small RV makes this the perfect vehicle to escape to view Fall colors before they disappear. In […]

Use Your Small RV as a Mobile Office to Stay Productive and Enjoy a Scenic Lunch

Every so often I’m reminded of how convenient it is to have a Small RV as a mobile office. Today was one of those days. As I downloaded pictures from my camera, I saw photos taken last week of a terrific lunch spot that I found when returning from an out-of-town meeting. During that lunch […]

Small RV as a Mobile Office

As a Medical Manufacturer’s Sales Representative in Central Florida, my territory covers the west coast of Florida through Orlando to Daytona Beach, along the Interstate 4 corridor. I am given a car allowance, but many of the perks have been cut out of the budget. Just like everyone else, I needed to find ways to […]

What is the Small RV Advantage?

The advantages of a Small RV over a large one are numerous. Aside from the better gas mileage, you’ll be able to go places that large RV’s would never dare to roam. Weekend adventures, and even day trips, become the rule instead of the exception because these RVs are so easy and fun. Now just […]